Installation for two devices during Quarantine

An art installation you can make at home. To be viewed while in quarantine using two devices with internet access. A small shrine is created using familiar lockdown objects and a website is loaded up on each device. Viewers are encouraged to return on different days as much of the content is pulled live from various websites and social media locations and as such, changes occasionally, giving something of a running commentary on the world outside.


Device One works best on a smaller screen such as a phone or small tablet. Open the following website on Device One:

Device Two works best on a larger screen such as a laptop, monitor or TV. Open the following website on Device Two:

Create a small shrine to your quarantine area with some common lockdown items. Tinned food, alcohol, and snacks all work well here but you can use whatever you have to hand.

Place Device One in the centre of the shrine and start the video.

Place Device Two at the opposite end of the room. The audio feed should start automatically.

Spend some time exploring the internet artefacts on each of the displays. Go for a virtual walk beneath a scorching sun. Listen to some church coughing on a digitally recorded sermon. Uncover some thoughts and memes between computer syntax. Watch a YouTube play-through in a digitised Pripyat.

Some of the artefacts are based on live data, and, as such, will change over time, so fee free to check back at different times for a different experience.