My Bed Remade Super 3D

A tongue in cheek nod to Tracey Emin’s most well know work. I’ve created a 3D scan of my own bed, perhaps lacking the detritus of the original piece, but still some of my usual bedroom objects such as an empty Rice Krispies bowl, discarded face mask, my faithful MacBook Air and little Moleskine sketchbook. I felt I’d better capture it ‘as is’ and without theatrics.

Emin’s unmade bed was exhibited in 1998 in The Tate and was later shortlisted for the Turner Prize. It was, of course, bought by Charles Saatchi.

In an era where museums around the world are 3D scanning their artefacts to provide both greater reach and for digital preservation, My Bed Remade Super 3D is intentionally redundant and a bit of Post-Internet Dada fun.

The title is a little dig at both modern video game remakes and the bandwagon jumping games of the late 90s making the shift to third dimension while happily brandishing the ‘3D’ moniker in their name. Notable games are Wolfenstein 3D, Alien Breed 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, and, Super 3D Noah’s Ark.