Postcards from Ankara

This project was created specifically for an exhibition in CerModern, Ankara, Turkey.

Having not visited Ankara, I decided to explore my relationship with this city through purely digital means. I downloaded topographic data from four important locations, divided into 1km square sections, and created simplified first person games. Each of the locations were chosen by Turkish artist Hüseyin Arici for their recent political significance.

There is naivety in the lack of detail of the finished piece which is reminiscent of the way in which looking at a 2D map conjures up images of what a particular city looks like.

A model of the important protest figure #DuranAdam, The Standing Man of Turkey, was added to each of the locations.

Four screenshots were then printed as real-life postcards. These will be displayed with Arici’s own corresponding postcards.

This work was created with the help of Sarah Younan, Tom Kitchen & Hüseyin Arici.