#rambo is a surreal project that may be considered a piece of ‘Post-Internet Dadaism’. Scenes from the original Rambo film, First Blood (Kotcheff, 1982), are photographed via iPhone before post-processing through social media tools to create bizarre and absurd digital collages.

Stickers, filters and emoji create a dialogue between the underlying political, social and mental health commentary of the original film and the self-deprecating, oversharing and dark humour of today's younger internet users. The insinuation of mental health issues (more specifically PTSD) is an often overlooked key to this first Rambo film. These issues were quickly dropped in the various sequels in favour of a machismo display of brutality and Hollywood bravado.

#rambo attempts to readdress this balance, with feminine symbology and colours used in juxtaposition to the freakish masculinity of the 1980’s action hero.